Trust Administration


Trust Administration

  • Fletcher Tilton administers Central Massachusetts’ most respected trust practice with more than $500 million in trust assets under management.
  • Trust accounts are actively managed by our team of trust lawyers and staff with nationally recognized expertise in fiduciary law, estate and tax planning, and asset preservation and management.  
  • Families and foundations value the trust services we deliver at a fraction of the cost of institutional trustees.


Flexible fiduciaries

Fletcher Tilton provides traditional trust services to families and foundations at competitive rates compared with institutional trustees and with greater flexibility regarding investment vehicles.

Our trust administration services team ensures the receipt, safekeeping, investment and reinvestment of trust and estate assets, processing securities transactions, and collecting and distributing income within the trust’s terms.

The team handles bill payments, makes charitable gifts and estimated tax payments, and manages other day-to-day details at our clients’ request. In addition, we prepare fiduciary income tax returns, maintain account statements of transactions and investment valuations, as well as other necessary records.

When our clients require planning for daily and long-term care, we provide assistance with that planning, and with applications for Medicaid, MassHealth and Emergency Aid to Elders, Disabled and Children (EAEDC) as needed.

Successful results for our clients
  • We established and managed a Special Needs Trust for a disabled beneficiary to protect that beneficiary from loss of government benefits, while providing for the payment of supplemental expenses not covered by government benefits. As a result, the beneficiary enjoys a fulfilling, productive life.
  • At a client’s death, we ensured continuity of asset management, which funded a family trust and preserved the assets from a spendthrift beneficiary.
  • Our attorneys and staff displayed great compassion and sensitivity in their work with an eccentric trust beneficiary to help pay bills, maintain a home and property, hire domestic help, and arrange for vacation travels.
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