Tax Planning Services


Tax Planning Services


Business Formations: We are frequently involved in the formation of businesses. By comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the many different types of legal entities and business structures, we help our clients understand the tax and non-tax aspects of each and guide them in selecting the best option for their new business.

Business Transactions: We provide analysis for all types of business transactions. After, a business forms, taxes continue to affect business operations and decision making. Our tax attorneys work to design and implement the most tax-efficient structures for mergers and acquisitions, sales, reorganizations and joint ventures.

Tax-Exempt Entities: Our tax attorneys have significant experience with non-profit and tax-exempt organizations. We provide counsel on obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status as well as forming joint ventures with other entities and undertaking fundraising initiatives.

Real Estate Transactions: We assist with the planning of our clients’ real estate transactions to ensure that the tax costs of these transactions are minimized. Our tax attorneys advise clients regarding the choice of entity to own real estate, the characterization of real estate as investment property or inventory, the use of tax-free Section 1031 exchanges and other tax-deferred transfers, and the acquisition of investment property, its financing and disposition.

Individual Tax Planning: We counsel individuals and families on the transfer of wealth and business succession strategies in order to preserve wealth and avoid tax. We use a variety of strategies and planning techniques to ensure that these goals are achieved.

Executive Compensation: We advise owners, employers and employees in creating compensation plans for all sizes and types of businesses. Our tax attorneys are experienced with all manner of compensation planning, including deferred compensation arrangements, stock options, restricted stock and phantom stock.

Estate and Gift Tax Planning: We work with our clients to design strategies that reduce and minimize estate and gift taxes while balancing such tax planning with non-tax goals and objectives. Our sophisticated strategies often use trusts and limited liability companies as well as other entities to achieve our clients’ goals.

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