Retirement Planning


Retirement Planning

  • Acting as trustees and fiduciaries, Fletcher Tilton attorneys provide clients with quality financial advice, investment counsel and planning.
  • Our up-to-date knowledge of Medicaid benefits and qualification requirements allows us to advise clients on how their currently owned, or previously transferred assets, can affect their eligibility.  
  • We offer experienced counsel to business owners who seek to transfer ownership and control of their business to family members or employees.


Map Out Your Journey

If you are planning to enjoy a long and healthy retirement, there are a number of steps to take now to make that future dream possible. But before making any decisions, you need a detailed roadmap to plan out your route.  Whether retirement is five or 25 years down the road, the attorneys of Fletcher Tilton know the questions to ask to start you on your journey.

We coordinate our services with those of other professionals involved in retirement planning, including your tax accountant, insurance agent and financial advisor.

Once you begin retirement, there are still decisions to make, particularly surrounding health issues. We draft durable powers of attorney, health proxies, and living wills to address incapacity and quality of life issues. Our experience includes Supplemental Needs Trusts, designed to meet the needs of those who may be institutionalized.

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