Professional Malpractice


Professional Malpractice

  • Over the course of our nearly 200-year history, Fletcher Tilton has served hundreds of professional service providers across Massachusetts and around the country.
  • Our team includes litigation specialists with well-honed trial skills and a real understanding of our clients’ business sectors.
  • Our attorneys maintain a strong presence in the health care community and work with hospitals, clinics, treatment centers, assisted living facilities, and laboratories regarding licensing, accreditation, and audits.


Reputation Management

In today’s litigious climate, professionals in all fields are increasingly exposed to allegations of professional malpractice that can jeopardize their licensure and derail their careers.  Fletcher Tilton helps clients maintain their good standing and professional reputation in the face of these challenges.

We understand that reputation is a professional’s most valuable asset, and our comprehensive counsel positions our clients to meet their litigation objectives and preserve their reputation capital.

With decades of combined experience, our team knows how to guide clients through the entire life cycle of a professional negligence claim, from responding to demand letters and initial inquiries to providing trial and appellate advocacy.  We leverage that experience to create opportunities for swift and cost-effective case resolution, while maintaining a position of strength in the event of trial.

Comprehensive Representation

For matters that do reach a jury, our attorneys can marshal the full range of the firm’s litigation resources, including a carefully vetted roster of subject matter experts who can make their opinions readily comprehensible to a lay audience.

Our team of attorneys has extensive experience representing virtually every type of professional, including corporate directors and officers; physicians, nurses, and nurse practitioners; psychologists and therapists; insurance agents and brokers; accountants, financial advisors, and securities brokers; engineers; attorneys and legal professionals; real estate agents; architects; IT consultants; pharmacists; and veterinarians.

We proudly carry on the firm’s tradition of partnering with our clients to provide them unequaled levels of access and responsiveness.  From the very beginning of a professional negligence claim, our attorneys mobilize to provide our clients with prompt and ongoing attention. With our team-based approach, our clients can always communicate with an attorney who is knowledgeable about their case.


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