Selection of Entity


Selection of Entity

  • Choosing the most advantageous type of business organization is a critical step in laying the legal foundation for your enterprise. The attorneys at Fletcher Tilton have the expertise and understand the tax implications of operating a business as a sole proprietor, partnership, professional corporation, S corporation, C corporation, limited liability company or limited liability partnership.
  • Our proprietary forms reflect the latest changes in laws and procedures.  If you are forming your entity outside Massachusetts or Delaware, we access the most current electronic sources for obtaining the laws, procedures and forms for those states.  
  • Our constant work in this area means we can file documents, form the entity and obtain the Federal Identification number from the IRS on the same day.  We have on-line credit accounts set up with the Massachusetts Secretary of State. In Delaware and other states, we have approved credit cards.  Whether filing electronically or by fax, we know each state’s preferred procedures for the most efficient outcome.


Fast and responsive

Starting a new enterprise involves many decisions and details, and Fletcher Tilton attorneys are prepared to help you at every step in the process. From determinations that the desired business name is available, to providing the tax ID number required to open a bank account, and on to establishing minute books and filing dates, we stand behind you.

If your new entity is a professional corporation or LLC, we include special language in the formation documents and obtain the pre-approval of the appropriate licensing authority.  We also assist with obtaining all relevant corporate licenses through the appropriate state licensing board, such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC and other certifications.

Once your business is underway, we certificate ownership interests, set up an electronic ownership ledger, open a minute book and enter all of the required filing dates into an electronic database.

Stress-free corporate maintenance

It’s our personal challenge to keep our corporate clients in good standing. Our corporate focus database tracks all the pertinent corporate information: officers, directors, annual meeting dates, annual report due dates, authorized stock, stockholders, jurisdictions, and other details. 

We draft and provide the annual meeting notices for the stockholders and directors required by statute by the date established in their by-laws. A corporation checklist for our clients informs us of any matters which may require additional corporate recordkeeping or filing with appropriate authorities.  We file the annual reports on time and make any necessary changes with the Secretary of State, whether in Massachusetts or any other state where the entity may be registered. 

For security purposes, we maintain the corporate minute books, seals, stock certificates, agreements, leases, deeds, promissory notes, trademark registrations and other documents related to their corporation with copies indexed and originals in our fireproof corporate safe.

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