• Fletcher Tilton attorneys have the expertise and experience to ensure a smooth transition to any new organizational structure.
  • When a reorganization involves foreign withdrawals, we understand this specialized area.
  • We handle many conversions and dissolutions, with qualifications in all 50 states.

Undertaking a major reorganization of your business structure requires close attention to a host of details. Our team routinely manages stock transfers and recertifications, and drafts or reviews documents concerning asset contributions, service agreements and participation agreements, as well as corporate authority, releases, resignations and any post-closing amendments and changes. Many reorganizations involve debt restructuring, a particular area of expertise at Fletcher Tilton.

Asking the Right Questions

Reorganization often requires the simultaneous formation of one or more entities together with a corporate dissolution, LLC cancellation or possible merger of other affected entities. Whether undertaking a conversion from LLC to S Corp or vice versa, or a larger structural change, timing and accuracy are key to any successful corporate transition. We know the right questions to ask to ensure that all essential details are covered in the process.

Here are just a few: What trademark and service mark registrations need to be addressed? What are the known and unknown claims? Have any newspaper publication requirements been met? What are the relevant Safe Harbor procedures for this situation? Does the company need to create a reserve account?  Does it have a tail policy? And has tax clearance been granted for any foreign withdrawals?

Turn to the attorneys at Fletcher Tilton for assurance that all the questions have been asked and the appropriate answers found for your reorganization.


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