Real Estate Abatements


Real Estate Abatements

  • As part of our comprehensive representation of owners and developers, our attorneys offer tax guidance in planning and disputes relating to real estate.  
  • We negotiate tax abatement agreements with local municipalities.
  • Our attorneys have the experience and resources required to litigate real estate valuations.


Assessments, Applications and Abatements

The attorneys at Fletcher Tilton have a special expertise in property tax matters. Our work begins with assisting clients in the initial development planning stages. Our attorneys draft property restrictions designed to diminish or defer the burden of property tax. When tax abatement cases arise at the local level, we provide representation.

We also take action on appeals to the Appellate Tax Board, as well as to Massachusetts Appeals Court. We prosecute abatement applications in municipalities and review appraisal methods to ensure that the tax is properly assessed.  When the tax is not properly calculated, our attorneys have the experience and resources required to litigate real estate valuations.




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