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Fletcher Tilton can assist your manufacturing organization with all aspects of its business from formation and capitalization; supply chain relationships; customer agreements; export; brand protection and licensing agreements; employment concerns; tax matters; regulatory compliance; and mergers and acquisitions.

Business Formation

When you start your business, you want someone that can assist you with protecting your assets, capitalizing the new entity, and complying with any registration or licensing requirements.  FletcherTilton can help you determine the choice of entity and craft shareholder agreements. Additionally, we can review any financing agreements that you have from private investors of financial institutions.  We can also advise you on any out-of-state requirements for licensure or qualification for your business.

Corporate Governance:  Creating a Family Board

The choice of advisors to run the business is critical.  A number of our attorneys have served as board members for a variety of businesses, and we use that experience when advising clients on their options for selecting a board to run their family business.

Supply Chain Relationships

Successfully operating your business requires integration with your supply chain, distributors and marketing agents. FletcherTilton can assist you with reviewing and crafting standard terms for your non-disclosure agreements and purchase orders.  If you use distributors or marketing representatives, we can advise you on all aspects of your agreement including complex matters involving warranties, indemnification, requirements, and antitrust.

Customer Agreements

Customer agreements have become increasingly complex.  Whether you need to understand your obligations under service, support or inventory requirements, FletcherTilton is there to help. We can also assist you with understanding risk transfer provisions related to warranty, indemnification, or shipping whether pursuant to the UCC or Incoterms.

International Trade

Selling your products abroad can pose new risks and rewards. FletcherTilton can assist you with understanding export restrictions for your products including those pursuant to the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulation (EAR).

Brand Protection and Licensing Agreements

Whether you manufacture your products under you own name or license the names of others, you know the importance of your product brand.   FletcherTilton can assist you with obtaining trademark protection for your own brands and negotiating license agreements when using the brands of others.

Employment Concerns

FletcherTilton has a full employment practice, you can read about our practice here.

Tax Matters

FletcherTilton has a full tax practice, you can read about our practice here.

Regulatory Compliance

Your products not only have to meet your own specifications and specifications of your customers, quite often, they must also meet the standards of a government agency. FletcherTilton can assist you with identifying the relevant regulations for your product and advising you on compliance. Whether its registering your company with the FDA or ensuring compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), we have counsel to assist you.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you are selling your business, buying a new business, or just selling a product line, Fletcher Tilton has counsel to assist you.  We can help you through all stages of the transaction from protecting the confidentiality of the initial discussions to performing due diligence to closing the transaction.

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