• Clients select Fletcher Tilton for their most complicated and serious legal problems because they recognize we will aggressively represent them in any governmental inquiry, drawing on our depth of knowledge and experience.
  • We have tried hundreds of criminal and civil cases before judges and juries. We have also negotiated with many of the federal law enforcement and investigative agencies on our clients’ behalf.
  • Fletcher Tilton is extremely well positioned to help our clients assess and cope with allegations of wrongdoing.  Our attorneys have tried state and federal cases involving RICO Act offenses, conspiracy, murder, manslaughter, possession and licensing of firearms, embezzlement, theft, narcotics, obstruction of justice, perjury and conspiracy.


White Collar Defense a Specialty

Headline-grabbing corporate scandals have made effective and honest corporate governance the chief priority for every company. This demands active and incisive defense counsel. The ability to anticipate and react swiftly to any serious or potential problems can be an important factor affecting the final outcome. Corporations are under increasing pressure to self-report corporate wrongdoing. When a company becomes aware of possible misconduct, the matter must be investigated thoroughly and quickly.

We understand the sensitivities involved in such matters and can advise whether or not the situation needs to be disclosed to the authorities and when. In such instances, our extensive experience guides clients through the entire process. This includes conducting internal investigations using seasoned investigators and consultants.  In a climate in which prosecutors eagerly pursue corporations suspected of wrongdoing, the ultimate goal for our white collar defense attorneys is to help companies minimize the likelihood of any corporate misconduct and deal effectively with the consequences of alleged wrongdoing.

We understand how such sensitive matters can affect the reputation and value of a company.  If a client requires counsel in grand jury and civil fraud investigations or prosecutions of alleged business crimes, our team of attorneys stands ready to mount a vigorous defense.


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