Home Buyers Seminar

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Home Buyers Seminar

It’s still a seller’s market: Most properties are selling immediately. What’s a buyer to do? Learn how to prepare for and navigate the offer process so you don’t get shut out.

Who should attend: Anyone contemplating purchasing a residence, homebuyers for investment properties, 2nd homes, and new construction projects. Seminar is suitable for first-time and repeat homebuyers. Complimentary refreshments.

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Erin Peckham, Real Estate Broker with Bridge Realty Partners
Andrew Nawrocki, Residential Loan Officer at Avidia Bank
Christopher Yates, Real Estate Attorney with Fletcher Tilton PC

Location: Less Than Greater Than, 28 Main Street, Hudson, MA.  Enter through New City Micro Creamery

Space is limited, please respond to a.nawrocki@avidiabank.com or call 978-567-3652
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