Professionals | Administration



Name Email Phone
Cote, MatthewExecutive Director 508-459-8025
Lamb, ChristinaDirector of Marketing 508-459-8022
Lawrence, Carol B.Director of Trust Services 508-459-8051
Burns, Matthew, Accounting Assistant 508-459-8071
Horgan, Kristina B., Manager, Client Financial Services 508-459-8049
LeBlanc, Brian E., IT Manager 508-459-8067
MacPherson, Cecilia M., Assistant to
Executive Director & Marketing Assistant
Matthew, Jennifer A., HR Manager 508-459-8078
Nugent, Michael K., Office Assistant 508-459-8092
O'Malley, Timothy J., Trust Administration Manager 508-459-8043
Pettway, Priscilla A., Receptionist 508-459-8002
Riopel, Kim A., Accounting Manager 508-459-8010
Siwik, Gosia, Receptionist 508-459-8001
Sutphen, Blair H., Graphic Design 508-459-8021
Thompson, Robert H., Tax Manager 508-459-8081
Vallejos, Wilma E., Elder Law & Special
Needs Administrative Practice Group Manager 508-459-8079
Valliant, Lynn M.Accounting Assistant 508-459-8028

Legal Administrative Assistants

Name Email Phone
Acciardi, Jayne E. 508-459-8003
Brothers, Kristin J. 508-459-8203
Chau, G. Victoria 508-532-3518
Christie, Kelly A. 508-459-8011
Cole, Joanne 508-459-8039
Dozois, Renee W. 508-459-8076
Gerber, Lori A. 508-459-8035
Hebert, Danielle J. 508-459-8204
Kravitz, Mollie 508-532-3526
Letourneau, Lyndsey P. 508-459-8020
Loiseau, Andrea L. 508-459-8062
Mandella, Cheryl A. 508-532-3501
Marcoux, Brenda L. 508-459-8074
Montigny, Tracey L. 508-459-8060
Ormond, Anette 508-532-3509
Paquette, Nancy A. 508-459-8070
Perro, Melissa M. 508-459-8068
Porter, Danielle 508-459-8016
Robinson, Deanne 508-459-8206
Sarkisian, Sarah E. 508-532-3520
Touhey, Paula A. 508-459-8089
Vaughan, Meghan J. 508-459-8007

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